Who Sang Riding the Snake? Testament

Testament The Gathering cover art
release date: 1999-6-8
genres: Rock
styles: Thrash/Speed Metal/Heavy Metal
length: 4:14
writer: Eric Peterson, Chuck Billy
Straight down from the night
True love for the fix
and she never been able
one minute
to kick back the feelings enticed
and you know it's never the same
Venomous poison constricting your life

Life... enough of the taste
Sweet demonic night
Raised up on her legs
Everytime you encounter the demon
Your future forever forever is lost
While riding the snake
who suffers the loss

Is there no shame
Is life so bad without you...
So far away
and I still can't fight you!!!

Climb... straight into the veins
Ran into the cell
Straight up to the snake
and it never will ever be

Hidding from futures
of innocence lost
Will we ever escape
the clinch of the jaws

Drowning in pools filled with lies
Filled inwith pain
Watch how the serpent survives...
Simmering hate!!!

Caged... and riding the snake
Love loss for the fix
bit down on the snake
Fates sending her back
No place to go
She will never change her ways
Spent to many nights
and can not take
raw emotions from others

Drowning in pools filled with lies
Condemned in pain
Watch how the serpent survives...
Simmering hate!!!

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  • 6 Legions of the Dead
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  • 8 Riding the Snake
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