15 Stitches and a Headache Lyrics - The Arrogant Sons of Bitches

The Arrogant Sons of Bitches Pornocracy cover art
release date: 2000
genres: Rock
styles: Ska/Punk
length: 4:30
I remember a math teacher I had in 7th grade,
he talked down to me about every single day.
And to make the matters worse, the bastard failed me too
so for the first time in my life I raised my fist and said "Fuck you".
That was the me that I thought that I was going to become.
I made no mistakes and I made sure everything got done
by me and no one else but now I just let others decide.
I've become so indolent should I just go run and hide.
How come every song I write has some ska breakdown.
And why do I care if my styles change?
How come it feels like everybody is talking about me behind my back again like my old friends?
And when is this gonna transcend?
Comfortable mediocrity-- look at our mediocre scene.
Who cares? I've got no confidence of self esteem.
Is this what we want it to be? A mediocre scene
where you're skapunkemohardcore or you're not cool enough? Suck me.
I used to say "Hey, you can't talk to me like that"
and I used to be short and I used to be fat.
I remember when the skater kids used to pick on me,
but I don't care now cause I have your money.
But I remember saying that I'd show them who's the man.
They'd try to get on my good side so I could book their band.
And I'd say "no" but now I just don't care cause grudges hurt the scene.
What's the difference between keeping your spine and just being mean?
I feel like it was not my fault to have this label.
But we knew where we were heading from the start.
I can still voice my beliefs so listen hard damn well to me.
Music segregation's shit. Tear borded lines apart.
Let's focus on what I call we. "We're sooo ruling the scene.
I played with Edna's and Dan Deacon's friends with me."
I'm not saying its trendy, but where's the variety.
"You're skapunkemohardcore or you're not cool enough for me."
If you see Adam Geller never ever shake his hand,
just kick him in the ass. He isn't in the band.

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