Pornocracy Lyrics - The Arrogant Sons of Bitches

The Arrogant Sons of Bitches Pornocracy cover art
release date: 2000
genres: Rock
styles: Ska/Punk
length: 1:51

Pornocracy, government run by whores
we never ask what the fuck we do this for.
We only have one party, democracy is just a front
they say they care about our country. All they care about is cunt.
A 6th of my paycheck it belongs to me,
the rest is what's given to my greedy landlord and government.
And all of that money goes to hurtful programs
like social security and nuclear weapons. Justify my right to die.
We turn our heads try to scream try to shout,
give the lower class power make the middle class count,
cause they're not not not gonna take that away from me.
Not not not gonna take that away
they say they care about our country,
all they care about is cunt.
We've all done little of any worth
make our oceans cleaner maybe save the earth.
Create a less harmful fuel available to all nations.
Kill our race or the local gas station.
Distribution education budget based on who needs the most help,
don't cripple minorities by basing it on wealth.
When you're young dumb and poor, you have no voice.
" Would you like fries?" is your freedom of choice.
America's burning, we're just burning, watch us burn and watch us fall.
Nuclear war. Holding back more. What's it all for? What's it all for?

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