The Boys - Independent Girl Lyrics

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Bet you think you're special don't ya girl
You don't include me in your social world
You're such a pillar of society
To those friends who say how much they love your personality
Independent girl, independent girl
Independent girl, I am the skid mark on your social world
I see your pictures in the magazine
I see you moving in the latest scene
But when you think you've got me on a string
I'm gonna be the egg stain on your chin
You`re just a bit too independent girl

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 See You Later
  • 2 Kamikaze
  • 3 Gabrielle
  • 4 Brickfield Nights
  • 5 First Time
  • 6 Sick on You
  • 7 Heroine
  • 8 Weekend
  • 9 Independent Girl
  • 10 U.S.I.
  • 11 Little White Lifeline
  • 12 Schoolgirl
  • 13 Soda Pressing
  • 14 I Don't Care