The Coup - Last Blunt Lyrics

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*sounds of smoking, coughing, and choking*

"Do you know what's green?"

*DJ Pam cuts and scratches Cypress Hill "puffin on a blunt"*


Last night I puffed on my last blunt, damn that was a stupid stunt

Cause I done said this ten times befo'

That when my life has come to a crescendo, I would let that indo go

But I'm still kissin it like I'm under the mistletoe

So here we go I'm Mork'in with the steady swagger

Speakin with a stunt, steady stagger preachin with a Southern drawl

That sounds like Jimmy Swaggart coughed and played it off

Said I know I'm flippin since the last one G my laces are tied

So you can't trip with me, I remember 1988 December

Someone said, "Puff on this before you go up in her"

So I did it and I guess it must have did the trick

She enjoyed it so I guess I must have rocked the clit

Felt like a man and I loved her with an indo trip

Don't know why, cause I couldn't even feel my ****

Ego trip lasted and I'm always gettin blasted but it's drastic

Cause sometimes that **** can help you get your *** kicked

Can't buy it with plastic so I'm off to drain the vein for days

I get complaints, cause the neighbors say my house stink

Call myself a saint, cause I won't touch a bowl of food

I gives a ****, just don't interrupt my Looney Tunes

This afternoon cause I can find a job anytime

Step off my behind I'm in a Doobie Brothers state of mind

Run-D.M.C., AT&T, yo they both Be Illin'

I smoked that blunt for last month's three hundred dollar billin

And I'm willing to admit that when provoked I smoke to cope

But if I didn't take a toke I'd be leadin a street revolt

So I make a mental note, and to my frustration

I decide I can't do **** about the situation

Put the spliff to my lips, flick the Bic and it's on hit

Coulda been my last blunt... but I can't quit

Cause then I have to deal with, some **********in real ****

Squeezin me tighter than you gotta squeeze a cow's ***

But on the flip tip I know I gotta get a grip

Even though in high school he used to be hip


But **** I'm hockin spit like I thought it was worth somethin

My throat can't take no more, no future in my frontin

But it's rough when you grow up and the tough men roll joints

That's why I been on the bench for marijuana to this point

But it don't faze me though I take it lacadaisical

It takes a while for ways to grow and get out of the old flow

But I'm an old bro, I done passed two decades

I'm wearin shades so my eyes don't reveal the red haze

Caused by my yung, cause days like Frankie Beverly

Amazin em back it's tried again, no roaches and no safety pins

Now I'm pennin rhymes about gettin on the wagon

And I get skittish when I think of how the British

Put the opium in Asia, fat one to that tactic

Gankin black folks while they daze ya, if you're gettin perved

You're gettin served this economic, like the gin and tonic

Brothers get moronic from the chronic bionic, and it's ironic

Cause we're not gettin ****ed up, we're just gettin ****ED

**** out of luck and we're stuck with our mind in a muck

So don't duck the situation cause I used to smoke fat Taylors

Til I figured out that the ganjah was a jailor

Wait a, minute, while I get up in a funky situation

The Coup is coming through, and there's no hallucination

So what the **** they say that junk is good for meditation

If you smoke a sack, take some Ex-Lax it's mental constipation

There's no hesitation when I'm talkin bout political friction

Stoppin evictions

Government made afflictions and I have an addiction

That's a big contradiction so I must confront it

Cause ain't no revolution gonna come from a blunt

*singers sing "Put the blunt down, oooh-ooh!" 2X*

My partner's cousin's uncle got killed by a shooter

I'm depressed so there's a rumor Boots is gonna hit the buddah

Mary Jane will be alone tonight the only type of hit in sight

Comes from Pam the Funkstress, give it to her

*DJ Pam cuts and scratches "blunt"*

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