The Coup - Tiffany Hall 歌詞

Tiffany Hall
It appears we didn't know you at all
Hey hey hey hey hey
With this song I write your name on the wall
Tiffany Hall
It appears we didn't know you at all
Hey hey hey hey hey
With this song I write your name on the wall
Tiffany Hall

You was all smiles and no games
Teeth white as cocaine
Dark skin, knew about the struggle and the dope game
Quick to spark a convo into flames like propane
Filled the air, and I was thrilled you cared
In summer bridged hiding from the tutors
Bumpin gums about the future
You said that one day we'd be ruled by computers
I said, "It's like that now cause we all machines"
And you replied, "But I'm a robot with dreams"
Which I thought was clean
And all the fellas used to talk about ya
How you had a joyful aura and a walk about ya
Necessitated by a beautiful backside
We thought you was fine
And we didn't let the facts hide
Nevertheless we would call you "waddle waddle"
Somebody shoulda slapped us with an old hot water bottle
Could called you "talky talky" or nothing at all
I was crushed when I got the call

You had warmth and sincerity, a heart with no barriers
A laugh that made slightly funny turn hilarious
While everybody else mouthed off about answers
You get up and started workin with some ex-Black Panthers
Leadin campaigns and writin in they newspaper
You always seemed happy, an idea that I would lose later
We would see each other sayin stay in touch
But I was just like you - always busy, in a rush
Told yo' mama I was writin this, she said it was blessin
I'm just chantin your name out loud and confessin
That maybe I was part of your demise
You want and got liposuction on your *** and thighs
Came straight home as you bled that evenin
Bloodclots from the operation stopped you from breathin
Your shape was great if I may say so, way before J-Lo
Whoever told you it wasn't had horns not a halo
Or is it just that your behind was up to discuss?
Cause as a man, mine ain't talked about much
Dear Tiff, I wish the world wasn't missin ya vision
Sincerely, one mo' robot with a dream and a vision

Hey Tiffany! We love you!

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