Who Sang Evil? The Flaming Lips

The Flaming Lips Embryonic cover art

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publisher: ©Royalty Network Music Publishing Ltd.
writers: David Roberts, Matthew Roberts, Monica Martin, Jason Krunnfusz, Zachary Johnston, Matthew Holmen
release date: 2009-10-9
genres: Rock
styles: Psychedelic Rock/Experimental
length: 5:39
I wish I could go back
Go back in time
I wish I could go back
Back in time

I would have warned you
Those people are evil
And it's hard to understand
I never understand

I wish I could go back
Go back in time
But no one ever really can
Go back in time

Oh, I would have shown you
Those people are evil
And they'll hurt you if they can
I never understand

(It is from the embryonic)

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