The Incredible String Band - The Circle Is Unbroken Lyrics

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Seasons they change while cold blood is raining
I have been waiting beyond the years
Now over the skyline I see you're traveling
Brothers from all time gathering here
Come let us build the ship of the future
In an ancient pattern that journeys far
Come let us set sail for the always island
Through seas of leaving to the summer stars

Seasons they change but with gaze unchanging
O deep eyed sisters is it you I see?
Seeds of beauty ye bear within you
Of unborn children glad and free
Within your fingers the fates are spinning
The sacred binding of the yellow grain
Scattered we were when the long night was breaking
But in the bright morning converse again

Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Maya
  • 2 Greatest Friend
  • 3 The Son of Noah's Brother
  • 4 Lordly Nightshade
  • 5 The Mountain of God
  • 6 Cousin Caterpillar
  • 7 The Iron Stone
  • 8 Douglas Traherne Harding
  • 9 The Circle Is Unbroken