Who Sang Valleri? The Monkees

The Monkees The Birds, the Bees & The Monkees cover art
publisher: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
writers: Bobby Hart, Tommy Boyce
release date: 1968-4-22
length: 2:21
producer: The Monkees
membranophone: Billy Lewis
lead vocals: Davy Jones
vocal: Davy Jones
trumpet: Oliver Mitchell and Roy Caton
bass: Joe Osborn
electric bass guitar: Joe Osborn
guitar: Jerry McGee and Louie Shelton
saxophone: Jay Migliori and Jim Horn
trombone: Lew McCreary
drums (drum set): Billy Lewis
tambourine: Billy Lewis
horn arranger: Don McGinnis
composer: Bobby Hart, Tommy Boyce
Valleri. I love my Valleri.
There's a girl I know who makes me feel so good.
And I wouldn't live without her, even if I could.
They call her Valleri.
I love my Valleri.

She's the same little girl who used to hang around my door.
But she sure looks different than the way she looked before.
I call her Valleri.
I love my Valleri.

Valleri. I love my Valleri.
I love my Valleri.
I need ya, Valleri.

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