The Rasmus - Every Day Lyrics

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We get along it's like magic has come between us
We did it all first and now everybody's
Gotta learn to survive
Gotta learn to stay alive
Now you say you just needed to stay away
Now you say that you are blowing yourself away
I know well what you mean when you tell me
We're running out of credit

[Repeat x2]
Yeah, everyday I will see you anyway
And I want to do something about it

We recognize the lies nothing can stop us now
We had a blast with most ridiculous stories
Laughing's keeping us alive, yeah
And you know that's not a lie
Now you say don't even smile if you follow me
I see you're not joking for the first time
I know well what you mean when you tell me
We´re running out of credit

Everyday I will

I know well that the time has come when
Everything's been said and done, well
Maybe we still shouldn't give up oh yeah

Respect the fidelity [Repeat x2]

Everyday I will