Chocolate Lyrics - The Time

The Time Pandemonium cover art
publisher: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: Eric L Carson, James Samuel Iii Harris, James Harris Iii, Tamarr J Holloway, Terry Lewis, Douglas B Rasheed
release date: 1990
genres: Electronic Funk / Soul
styles: Synth-pop/Funk
length: 7:32
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Uh, aaahhh!
Uh, ha
Pass my popcorn down this way

Everytime we're out on a date
I want 2 love you, you made me wait
Then you told me I look like a pimp
But honey, I noticed you waited 'til after dinner, 18 jumbo shrimp

you gotta give me some of your (Chocolate)
What you waitin' 4?
(Chocolate) Ha, oh Lord
Give me some of that (Chocolate)
Just can't wait no more

Every time I bring you home
you say you got a headache, you want to be alone
I ain't tryin' 2 brag baby, but if I ever get you in the bed
I'll work that body so hard, U'll wish all you had was an achin' head

(Chocolate) Aah, oh Lord
Give me some of your (Chocolate)
What you waitin' 4?
(Chocolate) Oh Lord
Give me some of that (Chocolate)
Just can't wait no more, uh

Look out, ha
Haa, haa, uh
Back up, wait, wait
(Chocolate) Oh nasty
Give me some of your (Chocolate)
What you waitin' 4 baby?
(Chocolate) Ah ah
Give me some of that (Chocolate)
Uh, I said I just can't wait no more, ah

Back up now
There, no, there.. wait a minute
Hit me!
Yes, uh
Oh nasty
Listen 2 me now...

When I sleep, I dream of you
I dream about doin' the things I want 2 do
I'd make it so nice if only I could
Don't you want to see my Tootsie Roll?
Baby, I'm sure you would

(Chocolate) Ah, oh Lord
Give me some of your (Chocolate)
Ha, what you waitin' 4?
(Chocolate) Candy, oh Lord
Give me some of that (Chocolate)
I.. I.. I said I just can''t wait no more, uh
(Chocolate) Ha, look out, uh
Give me some of your (Chocolate)
Yes, mm what you waitin' 4 baby?
(Chocolate) Candy, oh Lord
Give me some of that (Chocolate)
Ha, just can't wait no more, uh

Oh baby, what's the problem?
What's the matter, don't you like me?
U.. U.. you don't want no young man, you need somebody with experience
I could make it so nice

(Chocolate) Aahh, oh Lord
Give me some of your (Chocolate)
What you waitin' 4?
(Chocolate) Ha haaa! (Oh Lord)
Give me some of your (Chocolate)
I.. I said I just can't wait no more

Look out

[Repeat: x4]
(Milky Way) Ha haaa!
Give me some baby
Aahh, give me 2 day
Look out, uh

Jesse, you play somethin'
I think I'm gonna go over here and tap on this cowbell
Y'all get out of the way, I'll do some
That's it
Nice, huh?
I like it
Yeah, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Gimme some horns, uh
Gimme some horns
Look out, huh
Oh nasty, that's it, ha
Wait, look out, bring it back

[Repeat: x3]

What you waitin' 4 baby?
Candy, Tootsie Roll
Gimme some of that (Chocolate)

Have no fear baby, I'm one of the 3 musketeers, unwrap me

[Repeat: x8]

Aahh, aahh, aahh! No
Ha haaa, ha haaa!
Aaahhh, listen 2 me now
Milky Way, Tootsie Roll
Ain't nobody bad like me, I'm 2 old
Look out
Aahh, wait
Fellas, we got 2 get on up outta here
It's way past my dinner time, let's go

Garcon, Mr. Day's ready 2 order now
Waiter, I think I'll have the hot turkey dinner
What comes with that?
(Mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, stuffin', green beans,)
Mm hmm

That's good
(candy sweet potatoes,)
That's good, that's enough
( peas, grits,)
Hey, wait.. wait.. wait, hold on, hold.. wait
(cabbage and...)

Could you take this?
(I can say anything I want 2)
(Y'll can't **** with me)
Didn't nobody ask you all that, just take the menu

(Look out) And get the hell out my face, alright?
(2 old) 2 ugly
(Nasty) But still I'm bad
Bad 2 the bone
What you gonna do with me
I'm all alone, hit me

[Repeat: x4]

I like it, I like it
But we can't just leave it like that
We need somethin' else
We need some horns

Horns, stand up please
Thank you so much
Y'all come in on the one
Everybody else just clap, clap your hands, come on
Uh, (yeah) that's it

Uh, y'all sing with me, say.. say Tootsie Roll
That's right, that's right
Ha, so exciting, sing it
Say (Tootsie Roll)

Yeah, keep it in the pocket
Now if you can't clap on the one
Then don't clap at all
So exciting, sing
Yes, yes

Stuffin', we need some gravy
Yes (Hit it one time Jellybean)
Biscuits, sing

Go get my BMW please
We got the Cadillac though
Cadillac, BMW, whatever, just please go get the car
Ha, good God, say Tootsie Roll

Oh no Stella, you gonna get your Tootsie Roll
After I have my dinner
Ha ha, sing
Yes, ha

Everybody look out
That's it, that's it
No, that's it now, that's it, we got to go
(Hey man, we still want to be singin' man)
No no, we supposed to be eatin' dinner now, I got 2 go
That's it, let's go

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