The Undertones - Luxury Lyrics

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If I was having such a good time
It wasn't really that much fun
A counterfeit conspiracy
That's suddenly gone wrong

So come on - come on
You're a luxury
A peculiar luxury
It always breaks my heart
You can keep your mystery
It doesn't mean a thing to me

Painted lips and l'oreal
Are broadcast in the dark
A necessary cover up
That's finally left its mark

So come on ...

Your sneaky little schemes that show
The wolf's still at your door
A vicious little paragon
Of what you were before

So come on

Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Got to Have You Back
  • 2 Valentine‚Äôs Treatment
  • 3 Luxury
  • 4 Love Before Romance
  • 5 Untouchable
  • 6 Bye Bye Baby Blue
  • 7 Conscious
  • 8 Chain of Love
  • 9 Soul Seven
  • 10 The Love Parade
  • 11 Save Me
  • 12 The Sin of Pride