Who Sang Gunclaps? Three 6 Mafia

Three 6 Mafia Chapter 2: World Domination cover art
writers: Jordan Houston, Paul Beauregard, Ricky Dunigan
release date: 1997-11-4
length: 3:16
Chorus x3
Gunclaps, we hear the gunclaps
The rowdy gunclaps the bloody gunclaps

(Juicy J)
5 A-M in the mornin'
***** heard them tones pumpin' like a thousand-five cannons
***** gettin' it on
Peep out the window, I was solo flashin'in the streets
Caught by cops
I'm tell them bring some extra tape and plenty sheets
Right they *** chevy drove by bout' seventy shotguns
Loaded for your roller
Put em' straight to sleep
Hollow points hit my ****in' window
Make you think your through
Like it's the forth of July
With them *****s spook
I wish the folks would hurry up
I **** my gun back with my thumb
***** rowdy rowdy like it's North Memphis, Vietnam
As I gotta check to take a look and then fired back
I realized I was out numbered
In a deadly trap

Three 6 Mafia, Prophet Posse, Killa Kaze
With the shotties
Leave your chest cavity
Stoppin' at the autopsy
I slaughter
And I can't help but notice all your pain
When the monsters got that Clappin', Clappin', Clappin'
On them thangs man
We hear the gunshots
***** bang diggy dank
Got a shank full of thangs
And it is kind of insane
I Scarecrow with mystical styles
*****s are getting buck wild
Look at my dirty fouls
Bodies are stacked up by pounds
You want to **** with me player
First you must say a lil' prayer
Ask the ***** over there
Yeah, that be my preacher there
*****s are all actin' (??)
Grow up actin' now fight
Infamous buckin' all night
Burnin' em' after a light

Chorus x2

(Crunchy Blac)
Slip, slide come and take a ride
To my ****in' stash pile
***** you can't hide
It's a mug Crunchy got a tug
Stuff a ***** in my trunk
Told ya'll *****s what
Crunchy ain't no ****in' whore
Get down on that floor
***** I want more (more)
***** now give me more
Give me chocolate chunk *****, I ***** I kill you more
They pay, that pay that five
Now ***** I want some more
All I want to feel
Is some **********in' rain
Let it rain ************, let it rain (gon' let it rain)
See you inside by the game that I spit
Never ever in your life
Can you ever get with this

(DJ Paul)
Hey yo kemosabe
I got hoes smokin' weed up in the lobby
Cocaine fills my body, like gotti
Where the keys to room 2-10
I got thugs with price tage bout' to get in
We heard it's goin' down, tricks about 2 mil
Feel, the ****in' Prophet Posse get ya killed
*****, we got 40 cals' to your face
Na'ad mean
Three 6 leave no ****in' trace
It takes more gunshots for these boys to save ya
Me and Crunchy chunk ya' over like white with a razor
Several automatics in a Blazer
Before we bump you off
Give me that plate and the lazer

Chorus...till fade

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  • 2 Studio Time
  • 3 Will Blast
  • 4 Hit a Muthafucka
  • 5 Are U Ready 4 Us
  • 6 Prophet Posse
  • 7 Motivated
  • 8 I Ain't Cha Friend
  • 9 Watcha Do
  • 10 Spill My Blood
  • 11 Who Got Dem 9's
  • 12 Gunclaps
  • 13 3-6 in the Morning
  • 14 Tear Da Club Up '97
  • 15 Late Nite Tip
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