Who Sang Mayari? Today Is the Day

release date: 1999-8
genres: Rock
styles: Alternative Rock/Hardcore/Grindcore/Avantgarde/Heavy Metal
length: 3:22
producer: Steve Austin
mixer: Steve Austin
recording engineer: Steve Austin
Sorrow In my cage I lose sight
Can't tell what's real wrong or right
You must try to pretend
Just try to fit in
Raise your fist to the sky
Lies cause cancer
Don't deny You're the master
of my hell
I am I was born to be dead
You try and stop me
I'm gonna crush your skull
I feel so empty You don't want to decide
If I live I'm afraid of this world I don't
wanna live Mayari I don't owe you
can't make me I'm not your whore
Please don't rape me
I live to hate I fuck to live
I am messed up
I can never give in
I don't even know why

CD 1
  • 1 In the Eyes of God
  • 2 Going to Hell
  • 3 Spotting a Unicorn
  • 4 Possession
  • 5 The Color of Psychic Power
  • 6 Mayari
  • 7 Soldier of Fortune
  • 8 Bionic Cock
  • 9 Argali
  • 10 Afterlife
  • 11 Himself
  • 12 Daddy
  • 13 Who Is the Black Angel?
  • 14 Martial Law
  • 15 False Reality
  • 16 The Russian Child Porn Ballet
  • 17 The Cold Harshness of Being Wrong Throughout Your Entire Life
  • 18 Honor
  • 19 Worn Out
  • 20 There Is No End