Who Sang Death? Toni Childs

Toni Childs The Woman's Boat cover art
publisher: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: Jimmy Smyth, Toni Childs
release date: 1994-5-24
genres: Electronic Rock Pop
styles: Art Rock/Pop Rock/Vocal
length: 10:29
producer: David Bottrill and Toni Childs
vocal: Toni Childs
guitar: Robert Fripp
percussion: Lee Harris
cello: Caroline Dale
cor anglais: Kate St John
piano & synthesizer: Jimmy Smyth
assistant engineer: Ben Findlay, Richard Baker, Russell Kearney and Eric Flickinger
composer: Toni Childs
Oh mother, can you hear me
Can you hear me now
Did you die alone and afraid
That no one knew the pain
That still remained
Inside your breast this night
Inside this holy place
A place into the void

Can you hear
Hear me now as I call
I'm calling you here
I can't explain
And the wound in my heart today
I'm killing myself with drink
I'm killing myself to think

I didn't tell you I cared
Can you hear
I needed to say
To let you know
I felt your pain

I'm calling your name to let you know
That I'm sorry for the shame
Disguised as blame
And the hurt and pain
And the love I couldn't say
That I want to say now

Oh peace, let there be peace
It's beautiful here
There is safety in my ears
It's wonderful to be with you

CD 1
  • 1 Womb
  • 2 Welcome to the World
  • 3 Predator
  • 4 I Just Want Affection
  • 5 I Met a Man
  • 6 The Woman's Boat
  • 7 Wild Bride
  • 8 Sacrifice
  • 9 Lay Down Your Pain
  • 10 Long Time Coming
  • 11 Death