Who Sang I Hope Heaven Has a Honky Tonk? Tracy Lawrence

writers: Stapleton Carter
release date: 1991-11-21
genres: Folk, World, & Country
styles: Country
length: 2:33
I was raised in a Christian home
On Bible readin' gospel songs
Church doors opened up you'd see my face
Sundays twice, Weds too, I'd take my seat on the front row pew,
Singing Rock of Ages and Amazing Grace

Preacher said heavens the place to go
With pearly gates and streets of gold
I guess for the preacher that's alright
But I hope heavens another story
With a good ole boy bound for glory
A little bit like of Texas on a Saturday night

And I hope heaven has a honky tonk
With a 5 pc band,
Cowboy boots,and bluejeans are part of the master plan
And I hope Hanks on the jukebox, Bob Wills has a fiddle in his hand
And I hope heaven has a honky tonk with a 5 piece band

I hope those hardwood floors are just like glass
The girls I ask want to dance
And each and every waitress is divine
I hope that mean old bouncers got a big halo
Those neon lights will always glow
They ain't never heard of closing time

[Chorus: x2]

I hope heaven has a honky tonk with a 5 pc band

CD 1
  • 1 Runnin' Behind
  • 2 Sticks and Stones
  • 3 Somebody Paints the Wall
  • 4 Dancin' to Sweet 17
  • 5 Today's Lonely Fool
  • 6 Paris, Tennessee
  • 7 Froze Over
  • 8 Between Us
  • 9 April's Fool
  • 10 I Hope Heaven Has a Honky Tonk