Trick Daddy - Play No Games Lyrics

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I ain't really here to play no games, Girl
You already know my name, Yeah
Freaky deaky cause it ain't no thing, Yeah
I ain't really here to play no games, Girl
You already know my name, Yeah
Freaky deaky cause it ain't no thing, Yeah

[Verse 1: Fat Joe]
Ain't no tellin' what a ***** will do
For the doe, She'll probably get on four and **** the crew
Down south, Up north be the same *** *****es
Man locked up but mama watchin' the children
Talkin' bout my neck my back
***** you better learn how to chop rocks if you wanna get with Crack
Ughh, I been in love once, at least I though that
till I ****ed around and hit a broad back
Got burnt, Now you figure the rest
**** hurt like I'm pissin' baguettes, now I'm livin' depressed
Should have known better than to trust a hoe
Especially she wanna know how much doe you hold
Cause there ain't too many real *****es
If you got one hold on, don't wanna be nobody's meal ticket
And you know it don't mean **** to me
Cause you know, *****es ain't **** to me


[Verse 2: Trick Daddy]
You see the problem is them busta *** *****s you been ****in' with
Always bought ya ****, But never taught ya ****
Did he ever tell you some things that a player do
And made you aware that life is more than a hair dew
Boy I tell ya, Best to deal with them real *****s
And stay far away from **** *****s
Don't be a sucker, Hell at least not from nothin'
All this suckin' and ****in' a ***** better have somethin'
I need something that is compatible
Not nothin' young and dumb and full of cum, But one that's edible
I bet a, ***** like T Double
Get it wetter, Suck and **** 'em better than the average *****
I need a girl that's into tryin' things
So I can put it in her mouth, Fa real ain't into mind games
I know she's a mama girl and I'm a street *****
Once we get together, I'll bet you she'll sleep better


[Verse 3: Lil Jon]
A-T-L *****, Shawty pimpin' how I put it down
Grindin' hard everyday, Chevy ride through ya town
23's on the truck, Ask me if I give a ****
Rally's on that 75, Rollin' up 85
Lookin' for some cut like you
Tryin' to see what you gone do
Shawty I ain't playin no games
I ain't tryin' to be yo mayn
I just wanna cut you up, Slice you up like cold cuts
Lay you down and eat you up, Jonny slong up in them guts

[Verse 4: Big Sam]
See I'm something like a freak, Part time pimp
Big block Chevy rider all through Decatur
Wanna know my name, Well its Big Sam
And I play no games with these hoes cause the lame
Lemme break it down, Tell ya right now
If ya see me in ya town its goin' down
And all I want to do, Is cut you and ya crew
So let me know what's up with ya girl and you


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