Puppy Toy Lyrics - Tricky

Tricky Knowle West Boy cover art
writers: Adrian Nicholas Matthew Thaws, Bernard Butler
release date: 2008-7-7
genres: Electronic Hip Hop Rock
styles: Alternative Rock/Downtempo/Trip Hop
length: 3:34
Again, we go 'round and round
I'll get the drinks
I guess it's always my round

[Alex Mills]
Can you get me that drink

Friends, girls, they come and go

[Alex Mills]
You think you're nice

But trends remain in constant flow
See, she

[Alex Mills]
Got any cash

She likes that money boy

And she, she's needs a puppy toy

[Chorus: Tricky and Alex Mills: x2]
You stare, you stare and look confused
Your fruit is slightly bruised
You wear but don't like men, no
Won't love, won't care again

Girl, you got a vicious tongue

[Alex Mills]
You're talking to me

Yeah, I wish
Wish you'd cough up a lung
Girl, you seem insecure

[Alex Mills]
Well you're an idiot

Look at me
And think you're pure
Girl, get your head right

[Alex Mills]
There's nothing wrong with me innit?

You, yeah, you should get it right

[Chorus: x2]

Again we go round and round
I'll get the drinks
It's always my round

[Chorus: Repeats]

[Alex Mills]
Ah piss off

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