Trisha Yearwood - Trying to Love You Lyrics

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I blew out all my plans
The world fell in my hands
The day that I began
Trying to love you

The secrets I have kept
The nights I haven't slept
I've laughed until I've wept
Trying to love you

Trying to love you...No one's come as close or gone so far
Trying to love you...I've lost and found myself in who you are
Trying to love you...So easy and so hard, trying to love you

I've watched myself get stuck
Squandered all my luck
Almost given up
Trying to love you

Trying to love you...It broke my heart, it's chipped away my pride
Trying to love you...Everytime I'd see that faultline slide
Trying to love you...I've crossed the great divide trying to love you

Trying to love you...I've screamed your name, I've slammed a thousand doors
Trying to love you...I've worn a million miles across the floor
Trying to love you...Still I could not ignore trying to love you

It's pulled the best from me
For all the world to see
I guess I'll always be
Trying to love you

Track Listing
CD 1
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  • 2 Pistol
  • 3 Trying to Love You
  • 4 River of You
  • 5 Baby Don't You Let Go
  • 6 Standing Out in a Crowd
  • 7 Georgia Rain
  • 8 Sweet Love
  • 9 Try Me
  • 10 Gimme the Good Stuff
  • 11 It's Alright