Do You Really Know? Lyrics - Twiztid

Twiztid Freek Show cover art
publisher: ©Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
writers: Tyler Hilton
release date: 2000-10-31
genres: Hip Hop Rock
styles: Horrorcore
length: 3:26

((reversed message))

Blast off, roaming the dark with heads off
Smoke squares 5 at a time and won't cough
I like graveyards and beating on the voodoo drum
And all you're worried about is where the fuck i'm from
Never existed, gripping my axe double fisted
And if you blinked, you missed it, i'm TWIZTID
No love, no hugs, no dap, no friends, no light, pitch black
All i ever see is the ground beneath me
Broken wings cursing my back, please release me
Living hell every day with the vision
That's everybody up on the top but I'm missing
Listen for the voice in my head to put an end
Will somebody please save my soul and be a friend?
Do you really know what it's like to be me?
Hell nah, 'cause if you did, I wouldn't have to tell y'all.

Do you really know what it's like,
To be me?
Do you really know what it's like,
To see what I see?
Do you really know what it's like,
See another day?
Do you really know what it's like,
To be me?

Chained like an animal and locked in a cage
Situations and memories stored in my brain
Strung out, shooting venom, make you bug out
Pay attention as I tell you what I'm all about
I'm a walking comic book with spit for my screams
Living day to day is like a helium dream
I'm seldom seen, walking with the dead is time consuming
You know my shit, you know what I'm doing
Now nigga if you took the time, to hear the message
And this is more than a whine, maybe you should hit rewing
Silence, is a deadly note
So we all hate the water that kept the boat afloat
It's a sick world
I have every-mother-fucking-body that I see
But I spread it all evenly
You made me, how I am
Now you hate who i am
Good God


[Monoxide] (Madrox) {x2}
Take these
(Feelings away from me)
Strip me of everything
(See me for who I am)
Take these
(Feelings away from me)
I've shown you everything
(Now you hate who I am)


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