Who Sang Jenny's a Fat Bitch? Twiztid

release date: 2005-7-26
length: 0:35

Trust me girl, every time the T comes to Anaconda,
They be hookin' up with a bitch
Aight, Last time I was on the tour bus, they treated
me like straight up lunch meat in a twiztid sandwich
I never had my box rocked like that before.
Let me tell you something, they put it down
Oh I know all these people, hold on, lets go up to the bus...

Hey bitch, you gotta go!

What? No, I'm here to see Jamie and Paul...

You cant be standing here.

they said tha....

I don't give a fuck what they said, You gotta go...

Well fuck you then...

No, fuck you and that fat bitch you're with...

Fuck this, girl let's go..I'ma go try and find a man

CD 1
  • 1 The Transformation of a New Civilization
  • 2 Get Off of Me!
  • 3 Stardust
  • 4 Familiar
  • 5 Madness
  • 6 Fuck U, Part 2
  • 7 Jenny's a Fat Bitch
  • 8 Fantasy
  • 9 Who Am I
  • 10 The Truth Will Set You Free
  • 11 Respirator
  • 12 Thriple Threat
  • 13 Starve Your Fear
  • 14 Manikin
  • 15 Note 2 Self