Uriah Heep - Come Back to Me 歌詞

Alone again, I feel so alone again
With this emptiness I just can't hide
Picture me with a broken heart
See the tears run down my face

Everything I had has gone
Everything is gone
Loneliness still lingering on
Everything I thought was mine
Come back to me
Can't we try it one more time
Come back to me

I know I'll find another love in time
But you'll always be there
In the back of my mind
The power of love
Can bring such pain
I still love you, I just love you

Alone again, I'm so alone again
With nothing but you on my mind
Can't you see
What you've done to my life
What can I do to
Win you back again

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Woman of the Night
  • 2 Falling in Love
  • 3 One More Night (Last Farewell)
  • 4 Put Your Lovin' on Me
  • 5 Come Back to Me
  • 6 Whad'ya Say
  • 7 Save It
  • 8 Love or Nothing
  • 9 I'm Alive
  • 10 Fallen Angel