Who Sang Black Dog? Urthboy

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release date: 2007-7-14
genres: Hip Hop
length: 3:40
producer: Countbounce
vocal: Urthboy
[Verse 1]
He never thought he'd think of killing himself
But he had've doubted anything to do with his health
Wasn't never that kind of gentlemen that needed help
Just an everyday bloke try'na handle what he'd been dealt
But it was steadily more difficult to conceal when he was too proud to reveal
The lonliest fear that he feels
Envious of those on an even keal
'Cause from where he's sitting that disposition is completely unreal
It's not like his cars lost any one of it's wheels
It's just as if it been clamped up, secured and sealed
Now he's flown the white flag and shown he'd yield
Yet the Black Dog relentlessly honed his heal
In a planet of 6 bil, still not a soul to understand
Too long ago relinquished the upper hand
Got him suffocated, tied him like a cummerband
Recalls what happy is, that's for another man

[Verse 2]
His path is lonely even when it's public
The clown cries tears, the crowd cheers and loves it
Coils with his inner turmoil, cups it
Tucks it neatly, keeps him sweetly unflustered
People of prominence are just as likely
Even if they're hyped as hype be, bright and fiesty
They might be the John Konrads and Steve Rogers
Gold medals, best and fairest, they got not just
cars and ski lodgers - they might even be doctors
Judge of character, silver screen your operas
Covinced that they imposters, row with one oar
Ones that made themselves now think they done for
And they can't talk, some of them hit the mute button
Men die in bachelor pads, nobody knew nothin'
The few years as great as vacant car parks
Don't ask why it's hard to laugh

[Verse 3]
It's 2am he's wandering streets alone
Can't remember these avenues they feel unknown
Listen to the droan of a distant trucks compression breaks
Afraid of the frailty of the things he'd set in place
He's had better days, some worse than others
Not the kind of fella proud of sleeping in under the covers
Close up the shutters, take the phone off the hook
And if they enquire he'll reply he was crook

It overtook him too long ago
And took us on a slow but shortlived prison like S Corby
17 years since he celbrated 40, too many candles to blow out and it's too corny
He might make a decision and set off a chain of events
Find a way to say what he meant
But he's spent just looking to get by
The Black Dog in the corner of his eye won't back off

{Bridge} {X2}
Getting stalked by the Black Dog
Stalked by the Black Dog
They back down but still he won't back off
Unable to navigate without a map of
the way home
Stalked by the Black Dog
Stalked by the Black Dog
Follow home and hope, why doesn't it back off?
Getting followed
Followed by the Black Dog

Stalked by The Black Dog.

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  • Album Information
    label: Elefant Traks
    country(area): Australia
    format: CD
    barcode: 9332727007590
    script: Latin