Who Sang You're No Good? Van Halen

Van Halen Van Halen II cover art
writers: Clint Ballard Jr.
release date: 1979-3-23
genres: Rock
styles: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal/Classic Rock
length: 3:18
producer: Ted Templeman
lead vocals: David Lee Roth
engineer: Donn Landee
guitar: Eddie Van Halen
drums (drum set): Alex Van Halen
bass guitar: Michael Anthony
assistant engineer: Jim Fitzpatrick and Corey Bailey
task miscellaneous support: Robin Leiren
composer: Clint Ballard, Jr.
lyricist: Clint Ballard, Jr.
Well I'm feelin' better, now that we're through
Feelin' better baby, I'm over you

I've learned my lesson baby, and it left a scar (ah)
But now I see how ya really are (ah)

You're no good no good,
Baby, you're no good oh yeah
No good, no good, no good (ah hah)
Baby, you're no good

I broke a heart, simple n' true
Broke a heart for someone like you

We'll be comin' back, don't come running to me
I wanna love you, maybe set you free

You're no good, no good, no good
Baby, you're no good (whoa oh oh)
You're no good, no good, no good (ah no)
Baby, you're no good (hah)

Used to be I couldn't sleep at night, baby
Now you go on an' do what you want to


(Ah ow)
No good, no good, (ow ow) no good
Baby, you're no good (ow)
(Ow ow)

Ah uh uh

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