Who Sang Friday Night? Vandenberg

Vandenberg Heading for a Storm cover art
publisher: ©Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: Douglas Arthur Wimbish, Guy Williams, Joseph Robert Saddler, Robert Keith Wiggins, Eddie Morris, Sylvia Robinson, Nathaniel Glover, Melvin Glover, Chauncey Lamont Hawkins, Jeremy A. Graham
release date: 1983
genres: Rock
styles: Hard Rock/Classic Rock
length: 3:38
producer: Adrian Vandenberg and Stuart Epps
membranophone: Jos Zoomer
lead vocals: Bert Heerink
mixer: Vandenberg and Stuart Epps
engineer: Stuart Epps
guitar family: Adrian Vandenberg
bass: Dick Kemper
background vocals: Bert Heerink, Dick Kemper, Jos Zoomer and Adrian Vandenberg
keyboard: Adrian Vandenberg
bass pedals: Dick Kemper
composer: Adrian Vandenberg
lyricist: Adrian Vandenberg
During the week I'm only half alive, wasting my time all day from 9 to 5
They think I'm slow and I'm a lazy guy
They should see me now, I'm here in your town, I'm blowing the fuses right out
Friday night - gonna let it go, dynamite - ready to explode
My boss says I'm not working hard enough
Don't even know that I sleep on the job
I'm only interested in rock 'n' roll
I'm using the week to save energy, I'm recharging my batteries - ow!
Friday night - gonna let it go, yeah, dynamite - ready to explode
Friday's okay, I get my pay, spending all night on rock, women and wine
Oh-oh - I'm allergic to those working days
Oh-oh - but I must survive 'til Friday, Friday, Friday
Friday night - gonna let it go, yeah, dynamite - ready to explode
I just can't wait 'til
Friday night - gonna let it go, yeah, dynamite - ready to explode, oho
Friday night - Friday night
Dynamite - that's the night that I like, that I like
Friday night... (to fade)

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Friday Night
  • 2 Welcome to the Club
  • 3 Time Will Tell
  • 4 Different Worlds
  • 5 This Is War
  • 6 I'm on Fire
  • 7 Heading for a Storm
  • 8 Rock On
  • 9 Waiting for the Night