Who Sang Afterglow? Vanessa Carlton

Vanessa Carlton Harmonium cover art
publisher: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: Vanessa Carlton
release date: 2004-11-9
genres: Rock Pop
styles: Soft Rock/Pop Rock
length: 3:57
producer: Stephan Jenkins
membranophone: Abe Laboriel Jr.
piano: Vanessa Carlton
vocal: Vanessa Carlton
mixer: Tom Lord‐Alge
engineer: Sean Beresford
electric guitar: Jesse Tobias
percussion: Stephan Jenkins
mandolin: Jesse Tobias
strings arranger: Ron Fair
bass guitar: Arion Salazar
assistant mixer: Fernio Hernandez
writer: Vanessa Carlton
Just when the days start getting colder,
I walk the streets I never knew.
There's some words I never told you.
The sound rings out like the truth.

And if you could see what's come over me,
then you would know.
Cause I'm walking free, the wind at my back;
bathed in afterglow.

As I sit here in this dark room,
all I seem to feel is light.
I see color, I see the maroon
in the blood of this life...that's ours.

Repeat Chorus

Watch the sun, it paints an orange sky.
Lay me down, and feel the days gone by.

Just when the days start getting longer,
I walk the streets I never knew...
The sun comes out for you.

Repeat Chorus

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  • 5 Afterglow
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