Who Sang The Evil One? Venom

VENOM Cast in Stone cover art
publisher: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: Anthony C. Bray, Conrad Thomas Lant, Jeffrey Dunn
release date: 1997
genres: Rock
styles: Black Metal/Speed Metal
length: 3:21
writer: Abaddon, Mantas, Cronos
I am the evil one
The tempeter sinner man
Archfiend diabolos
Hail leviathan
Omnipotence lucifer
Asmodeus my soul
Feeding off inhuman life
Blood of liquid gold

Evil One
Flesh and bone
Evil One
Set in stone

I the royal prince of hell
Command infernal names
Lightning fills my ancient bones
Chthulu rise in flames
Dominating centuies
Consume the everlasting
Raising ahses up from earth
I satanhead rising

Evil One
Flesh and bone
Evil One
Cast In Stone

I kneel to no man
I see through your cries
You know not the truth
Jesus fucks you

Crucify the holy man
No sermons of a fool
UIniverse infinity
Behold evil rules
Ever pregnant mysteries
Ahmoon commands the birth
Howling incantations
I rise from blackened earth

Evil One
Flesh and bone
Evil One
Carved in stone

CD 1
  • 1 The Evil One
  • 2 Raised in Hell
  • 3 All Devils Eve
  • 4 Bleeding
  • 5 Destroyed & Damned
  • 6 Domus Mundi
  • 7 Flight of the Hydra
  • 8 God's Forsaken
  • 9 Mortals
  • 10 Infectious
  • 11 Kings of Evil
  • 12 You're All Gonna Die
  • 13 Judgement Day
  • 14 Swarm
    CD 2
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Bloodlust
  • 3 Die Hard
  • 4 Acid Queen
  • 5 Bursting Out
  • 6 Warhead
  • 7 Ladylust
  • 8 Manitou
  • 9 Rip Ride
  • 10 Venom