Vickie Winans - I Need a Man Lyrics

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I need a man who lives The way that i have told him to A man who steps that i am leading I need a man who gives The very way i ask him to A man who's life is so intriging I need a man who prays And doesn't ever miss a day A man who strives for what is pleasing I need a man who's there And makes good of his promises A man who cares of what i'm thinking Chorus I need a man Who loves me just for who i am Give me a man Who believes i'm soon to come again I need a man who knows everything about my ways So he can make the right decisiton I need a man who trys to make ? A man who's running with the vision I need a man who knows all he has to do is ask A man who knows i won't forsake him I need a man who keeps all his mind stayed on me And won't let another woman shake him (shake a loose) Chorus I need a man who says there's nothing that the world can do I'm going to live my life for jesus A man who doesn't fear, when pressure tries to force him to A man who lives and does for jesus I need a man who k
nows my heart Who let's me know when they're (?) Apart I need a man whose thoughts are pure A man who knows he will endure I need a man who loves his wife Teach his kids and live the life I need a man who tells the crowd You gotta repent and tells them loud I need a man who understands Loving me is in the plan I need a man who looks ahead A man who does just what he says I need a man that doesn't hate Knows his fate and never late I need a man who's standing in the gap A man who knows just where i'm at I need a man who aiming high Who hope is far beyond the sky I need a man who not disturbed by what he's heard About the word, i need a man I need man who takes advice, treats me nice and loves me right; i need a man I need a man, won't fool around, settles down on solid ground; i need man I need man won't give into his foolish friends still in sin; i need a man I need a man who holds me near, and sheds a tear and not out of fear; i need a man I need a man who's not ashamed to lift my name, not fo
r fame; i need a man Chorus

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Woman to Woman (Prelude)
  • 2 It's Alright
  • 3 Farewell
  • 4 Never Separate (A Song for Friends)
  • 5 Falling in Love (Prelude)
  • 6 Madly in Love
  • 7 Try Christ
  • 8 Go Go Praise
  • 9 God of Comfort
  • 10 Trust Him
  • 11 You're More Than a Mom (A Tribute)
  • 12 Angel of Mine (A Song for Friends)
  • 13 I Need a Man
  • 14 Joyful, Joyful
  • 15 Watch the Winds
  • 16 Dance With Me
  • 17 Thirty Reasons Why I Love You Mommie (A Tribute)
  • 18 We Need Your Love
    CD 2
  • 1 Prelude of Change/A Change Will Come
  • 2 Everyday Is a Good Day
  • 3 Stand Up and Carry On
  • 4 Waiting on Jesus
  • 5 The Rainbow
  • 6 Alive Alive
  • 7 I Love You Lord
  • 8 Stretch Out
  • 9 Jesus Loves Me (Prelude)
  • 10 He Loves Me
  • 11 A Thousand Pains
  • 12 You're Still My Sister
  • 13 I Dedicate My Life
  • 14 Shake Yourself Loose Dance Mix (feat. Tim Bowman II)
  • 15 London Fog (My 25th Anniversary Tribute to You)

  • Album Information
    label: Verity Records
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 828768557624
    script: Latin