Vickie Winans - The Rainbow Lyrics

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Verse 1
This is a forecast of a storm
For some it seems that this storm just won't pass
For you it seems so dark
That day will never ever come into your life
Sunny and bright
So when the rain falls down on me
Lord take me high up so i can see
The rainbow, i wanna see a rainbow
Though the rain causes many complications
Lord i'm still looking for your decoration
Called the rainbow
I wanna see your rainbow
The rainbow tells me this storm has passed
The rainbow tells me this storm has passed
Verse 2
*My* word it just won't fail
And *my* glory it will prevail
Just like the rainbow in the sky
It's so powerful and it's so bright
The rainbow, i wanna see the rainbow
He'll take your winter
Turn it to spring
Summer will fall
Fall into place
The storm has passed, the storm
It sure has passed
The rainbow tells me this storm has passed
Thanks to natalie holden for these lyrics
Thanks to Jasmine Hall for these lyrics

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