The Evil in Her Eyes Lyrics - Virgin Steele

Virgin Steele Noble Savage cover art
publisher: ©DEFEIS MUSIC
writers: David Defeis, Edward Pursino
release date: 1996
genres: Rock
styles: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
length: 4:44
She walks in starlight
Never sees the sun at all
Can't face the bright light
Because her shadow reveals all

Yeah, she's so sharp
She's got a cold steele gleam
She'll slash you when you take her- take her
She'll tease you till you scream

And she says "Oh, take me home,
take me home, tonight
Oh, take me home"
And you'll see

The evil in her eyes!
Yeah, she's so sexy, sleazy
Sneaky, sleazy like a cat
She says "Oh no, no,

Please, put it back in"
Oh but you can't break free
One touch of her flesh
And you're diseased

She'll have you on your knees
Beggin' please for release
When she says "Oh, take me home,
Take me home tonight,

Oh take me home
I just can't face the light
Oh take me home
Take me home tonight

Oh take me home.."
And you'll see...
The evil in her eyes!
She's always out there

Always waiting
Eyes flash in the night
You'll always see her
But when you seize her

Your lust will turn to fright
She's like a *****, grindin'
Droolin', slavin', at your heels

She says "Baby, baby, baby
Oooh my love is real"
Yeah, she can act so innocent, innocent
Like a shy little girl

Ooh she'll entice you in, she's the Queen of sin
It's so real...
No, no,no, evil in her eyes...

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