Walter Brennan - Dutchman's Gold Lyrics

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Dutchman's gold, oh, Dutchman's gold

In the Arizona desert
Stands a giant of earth and stone
Mighty superstition mountain
With it's mystery and it's gold
A miner, out prospecting
Found his fortune and his fame
Found the gold of superstition
Just plain Dutchman, was his name

Oh, the Dutchman was a gambler
And a party was his fun
But he kept his precious secret
Never trusting anyone
And in death, he still is laughing
For the grave his secret holds
And the mighty superstition
Keeps the Dutchman's yellow gold
Yellow gold

Mighty superstition mountain
Standing high and all alone
Once you told your precious secret
And you gave your soft, pure gold
Apache Indians know the story
And in legend there is told
Many tales of the beginning
When you gave your yellow gold
Now I'd like to dream and wonder
If someday you'll give again
The bounty of your treasure
To some lonely, struggling man
And if you, in all your splendor
May choose me to be the one
To find your precious treasure
Shining yellow, in the sun


Yellow gold [Repeat: x3]

Dutchman's gold!