Walter Brennan - Who Will Take Gramma Lyrics

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Who'll take Grandma, who'll it be
All of us want it, I'm sure you'll agree
Let's call a meeting an' let's gather the clan
An' let's get it settled as soon as we can.

Strange how we thought she'd never tire out
But see how she walks, barely gets about
When people gets older they become such a care
She must have a home but the question is where.

Remember she helped us with lessons and tended our seams
Kissed away our troubles and mended our dreams
Wonderful Grandma, we all loved her so
Now won't it be ashame if she has no place to go.

Just one little corner is all she'd need
Somebody to talk with an' the bible to read
Who'll warm her with love so she won't mind the cold
Who'll take Grandma now that she's old.

And if none of us want her then there is one
Willing to give her a place in the sun
Pretty soon now God will give her a home
But who''ll dry our tears when dear grandma is gone.

Who'll take Grandma and give her a home?...