Warren Zanes - Hey Girl Lyrics

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door you shouldn't feed them anymore

you might wind up in their world if there's a darkness in the air you'd
better shut the windows there but if a memory's tangled up you'd better
let that thing unfurl hey girl have

you ever drawn a line and he walked right through it? have you ever
shown your face and the sun shined through? have you ever thought you're
kinda just wasting words?

I've wasted mine I kinda combed the world hey girl I've known you since
you were a pup and you have somehow walked the world and behind you left
so much so when the

demons are at your door can you remember all the words? 'cause you're
simply nothing more than the reason for this world

Track Listing
  • 1 Everybody Loves You
  • 2 Sidewalk Sale
  • 3 First on the Moon
  • 4 World of Concrete
  • 5 Did You Recognize My Love?
  • 6 Where We Began
  • 7 Have You Once Recalled the Days?
  • 8 If You Could Stay
  • 9 Scrapbook
  • 10 Hey Girl
  • 11 Main Street
  • 12 When the World Gets Weak

  • Album Information
    country(area): United States
    script: Latin