Waterdeep - Go Find John Lyrics

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Go find John
Hiding in the backyard
Crying cause his hands hurt
All the thorns

Crying for you to
Go find John
Scattered and bewildered
Swallowed by the dirt there
All alone

Go tell him
I told him
Go tell him
He's welcome to come home
Go tell him
I know him
He's tried and tried and nothing works at all
Go find John

Drunk to kill the pain there
Lying on a strange bed
All the seed
On the ground

Go find John
Floating in the ocean
In her dark apartment
All alone

Track Listing
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  • 2 Sweet River Roll
  • 3 Wicked Web
  • 4 Whenever God Shines His Light
  • 5 I'm Still Here
  • 6 Hush
  • 7 Stranger in This Land
  • 8 Everyone's Beautiful
  • 9 Go Find John
  • 10 Confessions of a Broken Down Man
  • 11 Walls & Tall Shadows
  • 12 Psalm 131
  • 13 Still You Would Be Found True