White Rose Movement - Kick Lyrics

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Push my foot through the door,
So it don't close anymore.
Water - you speak endless water,
Sounds like nothing at all.
Punch and Judas in tandem,
Puppet or partisan.

Speak of the truth,
I don't think you ever do.
It's all so crude

Don't say gone

Callibrated Arkela,
Wings of guardian.
Kaleido mathmatical,
Chose a terminal doom,
I said 'are you my kind',
I said are you mah kind.

Jewels in your eyes,
You're beautiful when you cry,
Makes me die.

Don't say gone

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Kick
  • 2 Girls in the Back
  • 3 Love Is a Number
  • 4 Alsatian
  • 5 London's Mine
  • 6 Pig Heil Jam
  • 7 Idiot Drugs
  • 8 Deborah Carne
  • 9 Testcard Girl
  • 10 Speed
  • 11 Cruella / Luna Park