These Lonely Nights Lyrics - Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson Teatro cover art
release date: 1998-9-1
genres: Folk, World, & Country
styles: Country
length: 3:30
vocal: Willie Nelson
guitar: Brian Griffiths
acoustic guitar: Willie Nelson
bass guitar: Daniel Lanois
drums (drum set): Victor Indrizzo and Tony Mangurian
Wurlitzer electric piano: Bobbie Nelson
harmonica: Mickey Raphael
background vocals: Emmylou Harris
composer: Chester Odom
lyricist: Chester Odom

Lonely nights I cannot sleep I just lie awake and weep
" Wondering if I'll get a chance to make things right " Don't you
heave a heart at all " Can you see my teardrops fall " They are
tears I shed for you these lonely nights
Won't you reconsider this " You're the one dear, that I miss
" Won't you come back here and say you'll be mine
We could be so happy then " I would love you till no end
" There would be no broken hearts no lonely nights

  • 1 Où es‐tu, mon amour? (Where Are You, My Love?)
  • 2 I Never Cared for You
  • 3 Everywhere I Go
  • 4 Darkness on the Face of the Earth
  • 5 My Own Peculiar Way
  • 6 These Lonely Nights
  • 7 Home Motel
  • 8 The Maker
  • 9 I Just Can’t Let You Say Good‐Bye
  • 10 I’ve Just Destroyed the World
  • 11 Somebody Pick Up My Pieces
  • 12 Three Days
  • 13 I’ve Loved You All Over the World
  • 14 Annie