Bling-Blang Lyrics - Woody Guthrie

Woody Guthrie Songs to Grow On for Mother and Child cover art
publisher: ©T.R.O. INC.
writers: Woody Guthrie
release date: 1991
genres: Children's Folk, World, & Country
styles: Nursery Rhymes/Educational/Folk
length: 2:47
composer: Woody Guthrie
lyricist: Woody Guthrie
You get a hammer and I'll get a nail
And you catch a bird and I'll catch a snail
You bring a board and I'll bring a saw
And we'll build a house for the baby-o

Bling, Blang, hammer with my hammer
Zingo, Zango, cutting with my saw
Bling, Blang, hammer with my hammer
Zingo, Zango, cutting with my saw

I'll grab some mud and you grab some clay
So when it rains it won't wash away
We'll build a house that'll be so strong
The winds will sing my baby a song


Run bring rocks and I'll bring bricks
A nice pretty house we'll build and fix
We'll jump inside when the cold wind blows
And kiss our little baby-o


You bring a ladder and I'll get a box
Build our house of bricks and blocks
When the snowbird flies and the honeybee comes
We'll feed our baby on honey in the comb


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