Who Sang English Roundabout? XTC

Xtc English Settlement cover art
publisher: ©EMI Music Publishing
writers: C Moulding
release date: 1982-2-12
genres: Rock Pop
styles: New Wave/Pop Rock/Indie Rock
length: 3:50
background vocals: Andy Partridge
acoustic guitar & electric guitar: Andy Partridge
lead vocals & background vocals: Colin Moulding
drums (drum set): Terry Chambers
12 string guitar & synthesizer: Dave Gregory
percussion & fretless bass: Colin Moulding
composer: Colin Moulding
lyricist: Colin Moulding
People rushing round with no time to spare.
I'm so dizzy,
I'm neither here nor there.
In this traffic jam,
I just want to shout,
Let me off o' this English roundabout

English roundabout

And all the the horns go 'beep! beep!'
All the people follow like sheep,
I'm full of light and sound,
Making my head go round, round.

Everyone is cursing under their breath,
I'm a passenger,
I feel close to death,
Hopeless situation,
I have no doubt.
Stop the madness, English roundabout

English roundabout

And all the cars go 'brum! brum!'
And in my ears I feel a hum,
The neons blind my eyes,
All those tempers rise, rise.

Cars and buses go,
Puffing out their smoke,
Roll my window down,
I begin to choke.
I have had enough,
I just want to get out.
Let me off o' this English roundabout.

English roundabout.

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