Who Sang Neon Shuffle? XTC

Xtc White Music cover art
writers: A. Partridge
release date: 1978-1-20
genres: Electronic Rock
styles: New Wave/Post-Punk/Pop Rock
length: 4:28
producer: John Leckie
lead vocals: Andy Partridge
engineer: John Leckie
guitar: Andy Partridge
keyboard: Barry Andrews
drums (drum set): Terry Chambers
bass guitar: Colin Moulding
composer: Andy Partridge
lyricist: Andy Partridge
Hey - what you going to do now
You're standing there and wondering how
You've got to make some noise
Just like one of the girls
Or even one of the boys

When you do it
It ain't no disgrace
I can see it written all across your face
Neon shuffle and shuffle into outer dpace
I said - neon shuffle is a dance for the human race
I said - neon shuffle is gonna pull you outta your place

You - you put your hands together
Better make up a storm
Or some electricky weather
Now that the power's stop
Can you click your heels
Can you finger pop

Neon shuffle

Neon shuffle it's going to do it to me
Neon shuffle it's going to do it to you
Neon shuffle it's going to do it with red
Neon shuffle it's going to do it with blue
Neon shuffle it's going to run you right through
Neon shuffle with a stick of bamboo

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