Who Sang Stupidly Happy? XTC

Xtc Apple Venus, Volume 2: Wasp Star cover art
publisher: ©Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: Andy Partridge
release date: 2000-5-17
length: 4:14
producer: Nick Davis
mixer: Nick Davis
guest drums (drum set): Prairie Prince
composer: Andy Partridge
I'm stupidly happy
Everything's fine
I'm stupidly happy
My heart pumping wine
I'm stupidly happy
With idiot grin
I'm stupidly happy
You won't catch me in

All the birds of the air call your name as they land on my kitchen roof
All the fish in the sea do the same if you need extra proof

I'm stupidly happy
My vision is skewed
I'm stupidly happy
I'm coming unscrewed

And if the Devil walks up dressed in any disguise
I take him by the collars look him in the eye
I'm stupidly happy
Now you're my defense
I'm stupidly happy
It's all making sense

I'm stupidly happy
I roll like a train
I'm stupidly happy
With you in my brain

All the lights of the cars in the town form the strings of a big guitar
I'm a giant to play you a tune for wherever you are
I'm stupidly happy
Are the words to that song,
I'm stupidly happy
And nothing is wrong
And should the Devil walk up with his business card out
I'll tear it to confetti with a grin and shout,
"I'm stupidly happy"
All of the time
I'm stupidly happy
Now you're mine

CD 1
  • 1 Playground
  • 2 Stupidly Happy
  • 3 In Another Life
  • 4 My Brown Guitar
  • 5 Boarded Up
  • 6 I’m the Man Who Murdered Love
  • 7 We’re All Light
  • 8 Standing In for Joe
  • 9 Wounded Horse
  • 10 You and the Clouds Will Still Be Beautiful
  • 11 Church of Women
  • 12 The Wheel and the Maypole