Who Sang Then She Appeared? XTC

Xtc Nonsuch cover art
publisher: ©EMI Music Publishing
writers: Andy Partridge
release date: 1992-4-1
genres: Rock Pop
styles: Power Pop/Psychedelic Rock
length: 3:53
producer: Gus Dudgeon
lead vocals: Andy Partridge
mixer: Nick Davis
electric guitar & percussion: Andy Partridge
bass guitar: Colin Moulding
12 string guitar & electric guitar & synthesizer: Dave Gregory
guest percussion & drums (drum set) & sampler: Dave Mattacks
composer: Andy Partridge
lyricist: Andy Partridge
Then she appeared
Apple Venus on a half open shell
Then she appeared
The first photograph on Fox Talbots gel

I was a little frightened
Flying with my senses heightened
Cherubim cheered, then she appeared

Then she appeared
As the giggling crew of Marie Celeste
Then she appeared
Pale Atlantis rising out of the west

I was a little dazzled
Catherine wheeled and senses frazzled
Know it sounds weird, then she appeared

And the sun which formally shone
In the clearest summer sky
Suddenly just changed address
Now shines from her blue eyes

Then she appeared
Brittle shooting star that dropped in my lap
Then she appeared
Dressed in tricolor and phrygian cap

I was a little troubled
Hookah with my senses bubbled
All Edward leered, then she appeared

And the moon which formally shone
On the marbled midnight mile
Suddenly just packed its bags
Now shines from her bright smile

Then she appeared
Out of nowhere
Then she appeared
Out of nowhere

Then she appeared
Out of nowhere
Out of nowhere
Out of nowhere

CD 1
  • 1 The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead
  • 2 My Bird Performs
  • 3 Dear Madam Barnum
  • 4 Humble Daisy
  • 5 The Smartest Monkeys
  • 6 The Disappointed
  • 7 Holly Up on Poppy
  • 8 Crocodile
  • 9 Rook
  • 10 Omnibus
  • 11 That Wave
  • 12 Then She Appeared
  • 13 War Dance
  • 14 Wrapped in Grey
  • 15 The Ugly Underneath
  • 16 Bungalow
  • 17 Books Are Burning