Xscape - Tonight Lyrics

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Come a little bit closer and look into my eyes
If only for a moment, boy don't be surprised
I want you right here next to me
So tell me we can spend some time

So I can hold you softly
In these gentle arms of mine
And the moonlight's gazing, ooh
Shining on my window pane

Beaming down on the midnight hour
I hear the sound of rain

Tonight, tonight, ooh
Tonight, tonight, ooh

So why don't you stay awhile
I can't help it if you put me in a daze boy
But you look so good to me
In your satin PJs

So let's make love by candlelight
And listen to the quiet storm
As I kiss you in the places
That make your body warm

I'm holding you

Holding you tight all through the night

Looks like it's gonna rain

Holding you tight all through the night


Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Just Kickin’ It
  • 2 Pumpin’
  • 3 Let Me Know
  • 4 Understanding
  • 5 W.S.S. Deez Nuts
  • 6 With You
  • 7 Is My Living in Vain
  • 8 Love on My Mind
  • 9 Tonight
  • 10 Just Kickin’ It (remix)