Shroomz Lyrics - Xzibit

Xzibit 40 Dayz & 40 Nightz cover art
publisher: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: Alvin N. Joiner, Anthony D. Wheaton
release date: 1998-8-17
length: 3:01
It's a long day Friday
It's like movin' all this weight
Got Xzibit up tight, right
Partner came through with two white boys (Dude)
Talkin' noise bout a hot spot
Where *****es come alone and *****s don't **** block
Let the top drop
And we out, hit the liquor store
Give me O.E. And three blunts no, make it four
Anything else? (Vitamin C pills and orange juice)
What are you drinking, Gin? (Nah dude, it's the shroomz)
The shroomz?
Yeah, that's some other ****
One of the reasons why George Clinton sees the mothership
How high it make you get? ****ed up? Throwing up guts?
Or do it have you stuck with soft **** and can't ****? Hold up

Now chew 'em up and slam the orange juice
Vitamin C chase, kill the taste
You can tell it's nasty by the look on my face
Don't get it twisted like a ***** coked up
And druggied down, see Cannabis and mushrooms
Be coming from the ground, all natural
Post it at the club, looking funny-style
Tight slack, pimp feather hat, where the *****es at?
Yeah we giving orders at the bar holding money
When all of a sudden all the people started looking funny
And started lookin' runny and liquify
Right before my very eye
This a different kind of high

(Oh ****, you see this ****
These ************s is melting and ****)

*****s and *****es walkin' by that I recognize
Feeling hypnotized
Pupils dialated, changing size
That's when I heard the battle cries from across the room
Set these crooked *****s straight
Likwit Crew, activate
Form of, a bunch of wild *****s mashing you
Came crashing through
Elbows and right hooks for you
We got thrown out by this time my **** is blown out
Pull the phone out acceleration and we bone out
In the zone out beyond Captain Kurk and Klingon
**** that I'm on be high powered like a Yukon
Back to my house, ****ed up, tryna see straight
How much of that bullshit did I actually take? (Two grams dude)
God damn, no wonder why I feel like a underneath
Told the white boy "******, we got beef."
Over did it holmes
*****s playin' bones in the living room
Restless, tryna find anything to mess with
Where my keys at?
Pickin' up clothes, trying to fold the ****
See my riot gage on the wall, better unload the ****
****ed up *****s and firearms don't mix right
Cocked back the chamber, dumping shells 'til it felt light
Thought I dumped them all, counted to seven
But it was eight, straight
I'm gone point the barrel at the floor, let it go

CD 1
  • 1 Intro (The Last Night)
  • 2 Chamber Music
  • 3 3 Card Molly
  • 4 What U See Is What U Get
  • 5 Handle Your Business
  • 6 Nobody Sound Like Me
  • 7 Pussy Pop
  • 8 Chronic Keeping 101 (interlude)
  • 9 Shroomz
  • 10 Focus
  • 11 Jason (48 Months interlude)
  • 12 Deeper
  • 13 Los Angeles Times
  • 14 Inside Job
  • 15 Let It Rain
  • 16 Recycled Assassins
  • 17 Outro
  • 18 Don't Let the Money Make You