Who Sang Them Braves? Ying Yang Twins

Ying Yang Twins Me & My Brother cover art
publisher: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
writers: Michael Antoine Crooms
release date: 2003-9-16
length: 1:21
Ah ****, y'all know what the sound of that is
That's the sound of them braves
Them Atlanta *****z in this ***** once again
Its the mutha****in Ying Yang Twins
And it's a new year *****
And you know its your dawg beatin *** formally known as DJ Smurf
And since this is a new day for us I want y'all to get to know these *****z personally
I know y'all know the twins as a group but y'all don't know them *****z individually
So right about now I'ma put y'all up on what the deal is right now

First off, you got this ***** D-Roc
This ***** stay drunk 20 outta 24 hours of the day
This ***** might fall out the mouth and say anything to ya
So if you're a sensitive *** ***** or a sensitive *** *****
Don't come round this ***** cause this ***** slick out the mouth
Ya know what I'm sayin?

Next off we got this ***** Kaine
Little short grouchy mutha****a
This ***** smoke more than a lil' bit, you know what I'm sayin?
This ***** ain't full of bullshit, so if you around this ***** with that stupid ****
He gon' get you up off him ya know what I'm sayin

So right about now without further ado
I wanna bring y'all up into our world
This is the Me and My brother MIP, ya know what I'm sayin
Y'all gon' get to know these *****z for real
You gon' respect this pimpin *****
ATL in this *****, Colipark record
Ying Yang Twins beatin ***
Oh my god it's goin down *****
So check this **** out right here

CD 1
  • 1 Them Braves
  • 2 Hanh!
  • 3 Whats Happnin!
  • 4 Grey Goose
  • 5 Salt Shaker
  • 6 Georgia Dome (Get Low Sequel)
  • 7 What the Fuck!
  • 8 Calling All Zones
  • 9 Me & My Brother
  • 10 Hard
  • 11 The Nerve Calmer
  • 12 Naggin'
  • 13 Naggin', Part II (The Answer) Performed by Ms Flawless & Tha Rhythum
  • 14 Armageddon