Young Jeezy - Crazy World 歌詞

(What they want?)they want that young ****
That dumb **** that where you from ****
That ride around your hood all day with your gun ****
All I got to my name is two bricks and one felony
Your going back to jail that's what my conscious keep on telling me
I really ain't buying all this bullshit they selling me
When the government throwing more curves than the letter C
I said the letter C I guess that's for correctional
They try to box me in, sit me still like a vegetable

God damn another trap I think bush trying to punish us
Sending little messages out to each and every one of us
Real g **** well that's really unheard of
When you get more time for selling dope than murder
In this crazy world
This world keeps spinning my rims still spinning
Even though the money slow we still spinning
In this crazy world
Let this world keep turning yeah my blunts still burning
Same thing different day still burning
In this crazy world and this dopes still selling
And these *****s still telling
When you make it through the day its no talent
In this crazy world (yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah)
In this crazy world

When I was fourteen I turned nothing to a quarter meal
Probably why I never give a **** about a record deal
And I ain't never tried the **** imagine how that white feel
But that don't even matter though trying to pay the light bill,
Light bill, phone bill plus my granted nerve bills
Feel like I should be taking off imagine how my nerves feel
I want a new Bentley my aunty need a kidney
And if I let her pass her children never will forgive me


I ain't a x box so why you *****s trying to play with me
I really be the streets so what you *****s got to say to me
Cant be much cant be much (why?) cause I ain't listening
I just left the hood and ill be damned if they ain't filling them want to see me fall off guess that just the way it be
Old school triple beam them usually that the way it be
And plus I got a driver that get them things from a to b
Soon as you get your money right they hit you with conspiracy


CD 1
  • 1 The Recession (intro)
  • 2 Welcome Back
  • 3 By the Way
  • 4 Crazy World
  • 5 What They Want
  • 6 Amazin’
  • 7 Hustlaz Ambition
  • 8 Who Dat
  • 9 Don’t You Know
  • 10 Circulate
  • 11 Word Play
  • 12 Vacation
  • 13 Everything
  • 14 Takin’ It There
  • 15 Don’t Do It
  • 16 Put On
  • 17 Get Allot
  • 18 My President