Zounds - True Love Lyrics

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I hear the buzzing on the radio
I hear yet another song about
True love
I wonder what it's all about
I'd like to taste a little bit of that
Don't know if I've ever encountered it
It seems to hang so many people up
Sweet dreams are something that I never get
True love and what's it really all about?

True love

Every newspaper that I pick up
Has some ways to help me in my search
New shoes, or maybe a new pair of jeans
Got to find a way to sell myself
One girl for every boy that's 21
One boy, that's the way it's always been
Watch out if that's not who it is for you
Some folks they find it hard to handle that

Boy meets girl and girl meets boy
Live through pain, tears and joy
But that's not how it looks to me
Looks just like a drag to me

Sometimes it seems just like a joke to me
Read it in someone's glossy magazine
About the love that is a special thing
Ends up with
Look twice, it's not such a funny thing
Not just the hots and songs and wedding rings
Can be a whole lot of different things
Can be of pettiness and jealousy

True love, what's it really all about
True love, what's it really all about
True love, what's it really all about
True love, what's it really all about

True love

Track Listing
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  • Album Information
    label: Rugger Bugger Discs
    country(area): United Kingdom
    format: CD
    script: Latin