Teen Spirit Album Cover Art


Cover Art

A★Teens Teen Spirit Cover Art


CD 1
  • 1 Upside Down
    length: 3:18
  • 2 ...To the Music
    length: 3:23
    producer: J. Boogie, RedOne and Flame
    mixer: Flame and RedOne
    background vocals: A★Teens and RedOne
  • 3 Halfway Around the World
    length: 3:41
    producer: Tommy Tysper and Grizzly
    mixer: Grizzly and Tommy Tysper
    recording engineer: Tommy Tysper and Grizzly
    arranger: Tommy Tysper and Grizzly
    background vocals: Tommy Tysper, A★Teens, Nana Hedin, Vanja and Grizzly
  • 4 Firefly
    length: 3:08
    producer: Fredrik Thomander and Anders Wikström
    mixer: Anders Wikström and Fredrik Thomander
    recording engineer: Fredrik Thomander and Anders Wikström
    background vocals: Anders Wikström, A★Teens, Jeanette Olsson and Fredrik Jernberg
    guitar: Anders Wikström
    grand piano: Fredrik Thomander
  • 5 Sugar Rush
    length: 3:04
    producer: Tremolo
    mixer: Tobias Lindell
    recording engineer: Tremolo
    arranger: Tremolo
    bass: Johan Strömberg
    background vocals: Anneli Axon, Anders Wikström and A★Teens
    guitar: Mats Johansson and D.Diggler
    keyboard: Joe L.
    grand piano: Magnus Strömberg
    membranophone programming: Tobias Lindell
  • 6 Rockin'
    length: 3:28
    producer: Ole Evenrud
    mixer: Joakim Styrén
    recording engineer: Eivind Skovdahl, Joakim Styrén and Tomas Siqveland
    bass: Tomas Siqveland
    background vocals: A★Teens and Birger Eikemo
    guitar: Mats Johansson
    programming: Tomas Siqveland and Joakim Styrén
    additional recording engineer: La Muerte
  • 7 Around the Corner of Your Eye
    length: 4:13
    producer: Hugo Lira and Thomas Gustavson
    mixer: Thomas Gustavson and Hugo Lira
    background vocals: Negin Djafari, A★Teens, Robert Zuddas and Peter Björklund
    guitar: Mats Johansson
  • 8 Slammin' Kinda Love
    length: 3:04
    producer: Jan Kask and Peter Månsson
    mixer: KasManaut
    recording engineer: KasManaut
    background vocals: Jeanette Olsson, A★Teens, KasManaut and Robert Zuddas
    instrument: KasManaut
  • 9 All My Love
    length: 3:17
    producer: Thomas Jansson
    mixer: Mats Lindfors
    recording engineer: Thomas Jansson
    background vocals: A★Teens, Leif Sundin and Shirley Clamp
    guitar: Magnus Bengtsson
    programming: Thomas Jansson
  • 10 For All That I Am
    length: 3:19
    producer: Huma and Sir Martin
    mixer: Sir Martin and Huma
    background vocals: Lotten Andersson, Carina Carlsson and A★Teens
    guitar: Patrik Lundström
    keyboard programming: Huma and Sir Martin
  • 11 That's What (It's All About)
    length: 3:17
    producer: Daniel Papalexis, Tommy Tysper and Taysir
    mixer: Daniel Papalexis
    background vocals: Tommy Tysper, A★Teens and Jeanette Olsson
    guitar: Daniel Papalexis
  • 12 Morning Light
    length: 3:11
    producer: Sir Martin and Huma
    mixer: Huma and Sir Martin
    background vocals: A★Teens, Lotten Andersson and Carina Carlsson
    guitar: Esbjörn Öhrwall
    keyboard programming: Huma and Sir Martin
  • 13 Back for More
    length: 3:13
    producer: Anders Wikström and Fredrik Thomander
    mixer: Anders Wikström and Fredrik Thomander
    recording engineer: Anders Wikström and Fredrik Thomander
    bass: Fredrik Thomander
    background vocals: Fredrik Thomander, Jeanette Olsson, A★Teens and Anders Wikström
    guitar: Anders Wikström
  • 14. Can't Stop the Pop
    length: 2:59