Caught in the Middle Album Cover Art


Cover Art

A1 Caught in the Middle Cover Art


Enhanced CD 1
  • 1 Caught in the Middle
    length: 3:26
    producer: Mike Hedges
    piano: Mark Read
    mixer: Ash Howes
    bass: Christian Ingebrigtsen
    guitar: Christian Ingebrigtsen
    keyboard: Mark Read
    strings: Brilliant Strings
    strings arranger: Sally Herbert
    drums (drum set): 坂元真
  • 2 You’re Not in Love
    length: 4:25
    producer: Ben Adams
    mixer: Paul Hicks
    recording engineer: Paul Hicks
  • 3 Power of Desire
    length: 5:46
    producer: Christian Ingebrigtsen and Mark Read
    mixer: Paul Hicks
    recording engineer: Paul Hicks
  • 4. Caught in the Middle (CD Extra video)
    length: 3:30
  • 5. Ben
    length: 0:22
    visual appearances: Ben Adams
  • 6. Christian
    length: 0:24
    visual appearances: Christian Ingebrigtsen
  • 7. Mark
    length: 0:21
    visual appearances: Mark Read
  • 8. Paul
    length: 0:24
    visual appearances: Paul Marazzi