The Treehouse Tapes Album Cover Art

Alice in Chains

Cover Art

Alice in Chains The Treehouse Tapes Cover Art


  • 1. Bite the Bullet
  • 2 Chemical Addiction
    length: 4:36
  • 3 I Can't Have You Blues
    length: 4:01
    producer: Rick Parashar and Alice in Chains
    membranophone: Sean Kinney
    lead vocals: Layne Staley
    mixer: Rick Parashar
    recording engineer: Rick Parashar
    bass: Mike Starr
    guitar: Jerry Cantrell
    additional engineer: David Mitson
    composer: Jerry Cantrell
    lyricist: Jerry Cantrell
  • 4 Killing Yourself
    length: 2:59
    writer: Jerry Cantrell, Layne Staley
  • 5 Fairy Tale Love Story
    length: 3:08
  • 6 Suffragette City
    length: 2:52
    composer: David Bowie
    lyricist: David Bowie
  • 7 Queen of the Rodeo
    length: 3:54
  • 8 Whatcha Gonna Do
    length: 2:51