Ten Feet High Album Cover Art

Andrea Corr

Cover Art

Andrea Corr Ten Feet High Cover Art


CD 1
  • 1 Hello Boys
    length: 2:52
  • 2 Anybody There
    length: 3:17
  • 3 Shame on You (To Keep My Love From Me)
    length: 3:58
    membranophone: Geoff Holroyde
    bass: Vezio Bacci
  • 4 I Do
    length: 2:05
  • 5 Ten Feet High
    length: 3:22
    membranophone: Geoff Holroyde
    bass: Vezio Bacci
    viola: Peter Lale, Rachel Bolt, Ivo van der Werff, Bruce White and Nick Barr
    strings arranger: Anne Dudley
  • 6 Champagne From a Straw
    length: 3:35
    trumpet: Dominic Glover
    percussion: Satin Singh
    saxophone: Jim Hunt
    trombone: Nichol Thomson
  • 7 24 Hours
    membranophone: Nikolaj Bjerre
  • 8 This Is What It’s All About
    length: 3:35
  • 9 Take Me I’m Yours
    length: 3:08
  • 10 Stupidest Girl in the World
    length: 3:39
    membranophone: Nikolaj Bjerre
  • 11 Ideal World
    length: 2:22
    violin: Jenny Sacha, Simon Kodurand, Kerenza Peacock, Peter Povey, Benjamin Roskams, Edward Brenton and Simon Jones
    viola: Natalia Gomes, Felix Tanner and Adam Newman
    cello: Oliver Coates and Louisa Tuck
    harp: Skaila Kanga
    strings arranger: Michael Jennings
  • 12 Shame on You (To Keep My Love From Me) (radio edit)
    length: 3:37
    membranophone: Geoff Holroyde
    mixer: Jeremy Wheatley
    additional producer: Jeremy Wheatley
    bass: Vezio Bacci
    additional programming: Alexis Smith